Sep 9, 2022 • 7M

Guess who I'm interviewing next week????

plus other updates and deep thoughts on life

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Emily Fedner
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I really never want to say the word “content” ever again but the truth of the matter is that there’s been a lot of new ~content~ in the works over here and I’m very excited about it and it’s also my job to talk about it (lol).

One of those new content things is a monthly interview series for paid Substack subscribers launching next week starting with the one and only Fedner family favorite: Adam Richman! Man vs. Food was a staple of my life growing up and, in fact, my mom once met Adam Richman at a Giant Eagle in Columbus, OH and she had him sign a photo for me and my sister - check it out below. What a full circle moment.

So on that note - if you have any q’s you’d like me to ask Adam, comment below! And don’t forget to become a paid subscriber to access the full interview next week. OH and there will also be monthly Zoom cook-a-alongs for paid subscribers - more on that soon.

Happy Friday!!!

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this iconic autograph still lives on the Fedner family fridge