everything you need if you're joining the dumpling party
and we're making spicy tangy wontons🥟
all about Friends of Anthony Bourdain + a date for March cooking class

January 2023

in support of Ukraine

December 2022

and that I miss you and I'll be back in the new year

November 2022

the last of the potato series🥔
it's gnocchi time🥔
New month, new recipe series🍄November’s potato series was a carby, starchy adventure but you all know the drill by now - new month = new ingredient for me to hyperfixate on …
and something you can do with leftover mashed potatoes
THANKSGIVING Q&ATaking a page out of the great Alison Roman’s book (she is a traditional-ish Thanksgiving goddess) and asking you to send me your last minute Th…
November's paid subscriber bennys (my cute abbreviation for "benefits" that isn't quite landing)